Are you're looking to fill in some gaps?
Add volume or define shape in your natural brows?
Create new brows after the effects of medical conditions or over plucking?

Semi Permanent Make-Up is the perfect solution.

We can add ultra fine hair strokes using the Nano needle which is the finest needle available, we can do a powdered effect, giving a multi dimensional finish, a combination of the 2, leaving you with a bolder colour in the centre and hair strokes around the edges or a Bold Brow, with clear crisp edges and a dark throughout.

Lips and Eyes

If you're suffering from under defined lips or have lip-liner bleeds, then this could be what you've been looking for

We can produce a lip line around the vermillion border so that you consistently have a perfect shape. A lip blush will blend a line into the lip itself, perfect for those looking for some subtle colour.

A full colour is exactly that, full colour throughout the lip, usually using more than one colour to create a fuller looking lip.

Eyeliner is becoming more and more popular, from eyelash enhancements, where a thin line joins the eyelashes giving the illusion of thicker and darker lashes. A basic eyeliner is thicker thank the enhancement, opening up the eyes and giving a fresh, wide awake look. Then there is a Bold eyeliner, giving a more dramatic line or wings.

All these procectures include 2 treatments around 4 to 8 weeks apart, this is to achieve the best results 

Top-up Appointments

Semi Permanent Make-up or SPMU generally lasts between 12 to 18 months, although it can require regular maintenance.

Some of us retain pigment longer than others and various factors can contribute to fading, such as sun exposure, your skin type or even the skincare products you use.

With this is mind, we try to keep the cost of maintaining that perfect look as low as possible. It is recommended to get topped up every year but some prefer a crisp look more regularly and some can last longer. Whatever your preference, we have a price to match your individual needs.

0 - 6 months - £50
7 - 12 months - £95
13 - 18 months - £130